E-Delivery’s Important Feature ‘Add and Manage Own Driver’ For Storefronts


    The present worldwide crisis has led restaurants all across the world to temporarily close their dining rooms, which was inconceivable only a few months ago. However, the benefits of online meal delivery allow your restaurant to make the most of a challenging situation. Restaurant management should endeavor to accommodate customers’ expectations to stay competitive in today's on-demand market. And, in terms of comfort, the benefits of online meal delivery fit the criteria.

    In addition, you should alter and adjust your restaurant business strategy in response to current developments. In this scenario, more individuals than ever before are opting for meal delivery. According to several studies, individuals prefer to eat at home for comfort reasons, which has raised the amount of worldwide food delivery sales. E-Delivery all-in-one solution provided by Ellumianti, an on-demand app development company that supports small and local restaurant businesses to increase their sales and customer base at a low cost.


    Add and Manage Own Driver - Feature of E-Delivery Store App

    When it comes to beginning expenses, there are several benefits to using a meal delivery service. You don't have to bother about transportation when working with a third-party ordering platform like Swiggy or Grubhub. Aside from the kitchen, a food ordering platform will handle all of the ordering and delivering structure, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making fantastic cuisine that customers would buy repeatedly.

    Delivery men or drivers are very crucial in online delivery services since there is no delivery company without them. Keeping in mind this scenario, Elluminati included ‘Add and manage own drivers’ in its E-Delivery Store app. This feature allows shop managers to add extra drivers based on the volume of client orders. 

    When the number of orders placed is exceptionally high, the store manager will use this function to hire more delivery personnel. And sometimes, when customers give a low rating to the particular delivery man or any other reason, the storeman can remove that driver because delivery is the main focus of the online delivery business. If you are interested in streamlining your delivery business, you should go with the below-mentioned pre-built solution.

    Swiggy - Most Popular Food Delivery Platform in India

    Swiggy is a meal delivery and ordering service. Rahul, Sriharsha, and Nandan created the firm in Bangalore. Swiggy has its own ordering and delivery service that picks up orders from eateries and delivers them to consumers. They provide discounts to consumers to boost the frequency with which they put orders. The fee can be paid both online and cash on delivery. Swiggy guarantees to bring meals in 35 minutes and has a 30-minute average delivery time. As a result, food delivery with the Swiggy app is lightning quick.

    Is a Swiggy-like clone app required in your region to start the delivery service? Now that you have a customizable solution to accelerate business, you may be the leader in your field. Elluminati can now have your business up and running in a couple of days.

    Explore more what app like Swiggy: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/swiggy-clone/

    GrubHub - American On-Demand Delivery Platform

    Matt Maloney and Michael Evans launched it in 2004. It is based in Chicago and operates at over 1,000 sites across the United States. Grubhub links customers to a range of restaurants in their area. They may order meals and have them delivered directly to their home. Customers may use the Grubhub app to pay online or with cash. This provides the consumer with more options and makes the application handier.

    Automate the order acquisition process and become the industry leader with a Grubhub-like app for your future enterprise. During a pandemic, begin with contactless delivery.

    Know more about how Grubhub Clone streamlines your delivery business: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/grubhub-clone/


    The meal delivery company has grown in popularity, particularly among modern and hectic people. Customer comfort with online food delivery is a measure of how a company's service is supplied to fulfill the demands of its customers.



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