• E-Delivery’s Important Feature ‘Add and Manage Own Driver’ For Storefronts


    The present worldwide crisis has led restaurants all across the world to temporarily close their dining rooms, which was inconceivable only a few months ago. However, the benefits of online meal delivery allow your restaurant to make the most of a challenging situation. Restaurant management should endeavor to accommodate customers’ expectations to stay competitive in today's on-demand market. And, in terms of comfort, the benefits of online meal delivery fit the criteria.

    In addition, you should alter and adjust your restaurant business strategy in response to current developments. In this scenario, more individuals than ever before are opting for meal delivery. According to several studies, individuals prefer to eat at home for comfort reasons, which has raised the amount of worldwide food delivery sales. E-Delivery all-in-one solution provided by Ellumianti, an on-demand app development company that supports small and local restaurant businesses to increase their sales and customer base at a low cost.


    Add and Manage Own Driver - Feature of E-Delivery Store App

    When it comes to beginning expenses, there are several benefits to using a meal delivery service. You don't have to bother about transportation when working with a third-party ordering platform like Swiggy or Grubhub. Aside from the kitchen, a food ordering platform will handle all of the ordering and delivering structure, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making fantastic cuisine that customers would buy repeatedly.

    Delivery men or drivers are very crucial in online delivery services since there is no delivery company without them. Keeping in mind this scenario, Elluminati included ‘Add and manage own drivers’ in its E-Delivery Store app. This feature allows shop managers to add extra drivers based on the volume of client orders. 

    When the number of orders placed is exceptionally high, the store manager will use this function to hire more delivery personnel. And sometimes, when customers give a low rating to the particular delivery man or any other reason, the storeman can remove that driver because delivery is the main focus of the online delivery business. If you are interested in streamlining your delivery business, you should go with the below-mentioned pre-built solution.

    Swiggy - Most Popular Food Delivery Platform in India

    Swiggy is a meal delivery and ordering service. Rahul, Sriharsha, and Nandan created the firm in Bangalore. Swiggy has its own ordering and delivery service that picks up orders from eateries and delivers them to consumers. They provide discounts to consumers to boost the frequency with which they put orders. The fee can be paid both online and cash on delivery. Swiggy guarantees to bring meals in 35 minutes and has a 30-minute average delivery time. As a result, food delivery with the Swiggy app is lightning quick.

    Is a Swiggy-like clone app required in your region to start the delivery service? Now that you have a customizable solution to accelerate business, you may be the leader in your field. Elluminati can now have your business up and running in a couple of days.

    Explore more what app like Swiggy: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/swiggy-clone/

    GrubHub - American On-Demand Delivery Platform

    Matt Maloney and Michael Evans launched it in 2004. It is based in Chicago and operates at over 1,000 sites across the United States. Grubhub links customers to a range of restaurants in their area. They may order meals and have them delivered directly to their home. Customers may use the Grubhub app to pay online or with cash. This provides the consumer with more options and makes the application handier.

    Automate the order acquisition process and become the industry leader with a Grubhub-like app for your future enterprise. During a pandemic, begin with contactless delivery.

    Know more about how Grubhub Clone streamlines your delivery business: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/grubhub-clone/


    The meal delivery company has grown in popularity, particularly among modern and hectic people. Customer comfort with online food delivery is a measure of how a company's service is supplied to fulfill the demands of its customers.


  • White Label Apps: Benefits of Starting Delivery Business


    The online meal ordering and delivery industries are undergoing a paradigm shift. Customers are driven to instant food ordering and delivery platforms due to their tight schedules and speedy lifestyle. There has been a significant modification at the restaurant. The restaurant no longer has to create its website or app and simply add its restaurant to the app and begin receiving orders. The app is in charge of allocating an order to the restaurant and ensuring that it reaches the clients, including delivery service. 

    Assume you're at home or elsewhere, viewing your favorite web series on Netflix and you crave a delicious meal. You may order food on an app with a single click. People love internet delivery services for their ease of use and openness, and they have the option of ordering what they want and when they want it delivered.


    Streamline Your Food Delivery Business with White Label Solution

    A white label solution is a slew of capabilities that you can usually incorporate with a single click. It generally consists of a back-end software solution and a suite of front-end customer apps. A white label solution allows for flexibility and appearance and feels that a stand-alone software product may not be able to deliver. 

    Furthermore, white labeling is an excellent method to get started as your own employer quickly. And that is selling things made by others that have been personalized with your brand. Elluminati's White Label solution allows you to quickly scale and improve your delivery business and complete customization and multi-language support.

    Know how white label delivery solutions improve your business: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/white-label-delivery-app/


    Implement Instacart-like White Label Delivery Solution to Grow your Grocery Delivery Business

    If you want to boost your profit margins in a cost-effective manner, you must first discover a scalable, steady, and reliable delivery solution. Instacart White Label is a pre-built solution that enables food sellers to grow their company while retaining customer happiness. White labeling is widely employed in company marketing across various sectors.

    When consumers use your white-labeled goods cost-effectively and see your label on them, they will identify it with comfort and quality, increasing their loyalty to your brand. The white label delivery software includes your own language, color scheme, and logo. With Elluminati, an on-demand app development company, you can start a grocery delivery service without worrying about IT stacks.

    See how Instacart like white label solutions work for your grocery business with a live demo: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/grocery-delivery-app-script/



    The most significant advantage of white-label applications is their low cost. Purchasing a ready-made app solution is usually far less expensive than developing a scratch app.

    To avoid the danger of falling behind, organizations choose to purchase white label software instead. The software is entirely constructed; all you need to do is buy it and alter it slightly to put it under your company's name.

  • E-Delivery Allow Users to Reset Forgot Password Within the App


    People these days are big fans of online meal ordering apps. They offer a handy option for clients to buy meals online and have them delivered to their door. In recent years, the internet food industry has expanded dramatically, and almost everyone is involved in or wants to be involved in the food industry. This has also resulted in a rise in the creation of meal delivery apps. Customers may benefit from different features and discounts on various dishes when they use the food delivery app, making ordering easier.

    There are several meal delivery applications available, such as Postmates and DoorDash. As a startup, an online meal delivery software is a great idea, but it requires a lot of labor and study. Online meal delivery applications will take over in the following years. At that time, Elluminati’s E-Delivery all-in-one solution came into play. E-Delivery is a good choice if you are interested in boosting your business with less workforce and money.

    Reset Forgot Password - Highlighted Feature of E-Delivery User App

    We can all agree that life today would be impossible to envisage without a smartphone. And restaurant owners recognize that this is a significant advantage that they should take advantage of to grow their business. Restaurants may provide additional services to their clients by utilizing meal delivery applications.
    According to users’ security Elluminati launched this feature in its E-Delivery platform earlier. If you need to reset your password, most services include a "forgot password" service that sends you an email with a link when you request to reset your password on the site. By mistake, when the user forgives their password, they can reset the password via mail or OTP number. Also, for security purposes, this feature is very crucial for users. Using this feature, users can change their passwords regularly for safety purposes. If you integrate this feature in your delivery businesses, the below-mentioned reliable solution is best for your company. 

    DoorDash - American’s First Choice

    US-based DoorDash makes money by charging service and delivery fees in addition to commissions. In addition, the firm offers a logistical solution that partners may white-label and a luxury catering service for enterprises. DoorDash does not prepare meals; instead, it gathers food from a partner restaurant and delivers it to the client. DoorDash is a formidable opponent of Postmates in every aspect.

    The DoorDash clone is a robust solution with all the necessary functionality and functions identically to the primary app. The app's features play a significant influence in keeping the user's interest in your app.

    Explore more about DoorDash Clone: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/doordash-clone/

    Postmates - Well-Known Delivery App

    Postmates, in summary, is an American meal delivery service provider launched in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann. Postmates is a superb meal delivery service provider, which is why it has become a well-known and respected prominent company in the United States. In the Postmates app, After placing the order, the customer may track the position of the delivery person.

    If you're intrigued by the notion and believe it's worthwhile to take the plunge, you've come to the perfect place. Create a Postmate clone with less money and time.

    More about Postmates Clone: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/postmates-clone/


    We are all aware of the numerous online meal delivery applications that we use or have previously loaded on our phones. E-Delivery is a prime illustration of the growing popularity of online meal delivery services, which, if used by restaurant owners, would undoubtedly boost their company.

  • Note Six Food Delivery business, Well known in Their Regions


    Entrepreneurs are highly convinced by the technology to use it in the business. Restaurants need to acquire online food delivery platforms for a rich customer base and efficient business. However, what business strategies are going to work is a big question. Various businesses have acquired significant positions in the market and are still flourishing.

    And therefore, it seems quite an effort to plan a business model that ensures success in the fierce market. However, the restaurants have notable opportunities if they refer to the outshined businesses and their strategies. Entrepreneurs can refer to successful business models to plan a new, distinctive idea. 

    Let us glance at some of the prosperous business models that made a lot of difference in their region for the customers and for other businesses to take inspiration from.

    Ubereats is providing services in more than 45 countries and more that includes more than 6000 cities, starting from California U. S. Since the company was started by its parent company, Uber Technologies Inc, in 2014, it has always aimed to offer quality food and services to its customers. It connects a wide range of local restaurants with the customers and ensures instant home delivery. From any local food store to developed restaurants, apps like UberEats are a profitable and productive step. 

    Source Link: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/ubereats-clone/ 

    Foodpanda is owned by Delivery Hero, a food delivery business in Asia headquartered in Singapore. The leading name in more than 12 markets, Foodpanda is known for its versatility in its business strategies. It engages an affluent customer base with discounts, accurate food deliveries, advertisements, and the business allows home deliveries besides the food products. Entrepreneurs can look forward to FoodPanda clones to enrich their business with a large customer base and huge revenues.

    Source Link: https://elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/foodpanda-clone/ 

    An Indian megacorporation, Zomato is an on-demand food delivery business proliferated in various countries after its launch in 2008. Customers can order the food from a wide range of local stores with descriptive menus; the venture is outshined worldwide for the quality of the services. Food delivery stores would highly be efficacious, walking the similar business path, starting right at the moment.

    Source Link: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/zomato-clone/ 

    Glovo is an online ordering and delivery services providing international firm, initiated in Barcelona in 2015. Multitude delivery service providing venture is located globally in more than 23 countries. The services by Glovo are appreciated worldwide for making the customers' lives easier, allowing home delivery for anything, popular for food delivery. The strategies adopted by the company were and are remarkable, which any business can start with.

    Source Link: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/glovo-clone/

    Justeat, the company from Denmark, is a mediator between the local food stores and customers. Stores that offer takeaway can connect with the platforms, where customers will order the food, and delivery providers will provide home deliveries. JustEat is an appropriate platform for local food outlets, ensuring convenient home delivery services to the customers.

    Source Link: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/just-eat-clone/

    Rappi is a multinational company headquartered in Colombia, providing an advanced platform for food delivery services to food stores. The company is situated in 9 countries now, allowing effortless food ordering from their local food stores. The fierce competition in the gig economy is possible to survive with a business model like Rappi.

    Source Link: https://www.elluminatiinc.com/e-delivery/rappi-clone/

    Food stores of all sizes can adopt a business strategy like the ones mentioned above to meet the changing and increased customer demand. The advanced platform for online ordering and delivery is popularly adopted worldwide and is here to stay for longer. Start the online business using this versatile solution. 

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